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BEHOLD #241 – Gary and Larry, the Pomischino cherries

The name “Pomischino” originated from the Pomasca cherry grown in Croatia. In Pomerica in the late 19th century, cherries were very expensive – so Poms were experimenting with different ways to preserve them. Professor Ernest H. Weigand of Oregon State spent 6 years in the 1920’s developing the Pomischino cherries we have today. He even figured out how to make blue and green Pomischino cherries. Gary and Larry are very rare Pomjoined or “Siamese” twin Pomischino cherries. (“Siamese” comes from famous twins Chang and Eng Bunker who were born in Siam). Pomjoined cherry twins occur in 1 out of 189,000 cherry births. Gary and Larry were grown sharing a stem. Although the stem is not a vital organ (once the cherries are picked) Gary and Larry do not wish to be separated. They love their Pomjoined cherry life and look forward to brightening someone’s Pomña colada together. They are each other’s ride or die, and believe in the Swedish proverb “Shared joy is double joy. Shared sorrow is half sorrow.”



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