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BEHOLD #249 – PMW, Pomvarian Motor Works

Poms have many modes of Pomsportation, but when it comes to pomtomobiles, they all drive PMW’s. The original company was founded in 1910, and after several iterations and reorganizations, it produced its first motorcycle in 1922. It became a pomtomobile manufacturer in 1928, though it concentrated on aircraft manufacturing during the 1940’s. In the 1950’s it went back to motorcycle and pomtomobile production. Its logo is made from the colors of the Pomvarian flag, and its slogan is “The Ultimate Driving Pomchine.” There are currently four brands of PMW and over 20 models to choose from. The most pompular by far is the Mini. When a Pom turns 16 days old, they can go to the DMP (Department of Motor Pomtomobiles) and get their driver’s license. If their parents are generous, they will purchase a new or certified pre–owned Peemer for their pom child. We will cross our fingers that their pomdolescent will be a respomsible driver and not get a PUI (Pom Under the Influence).



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