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BEHOLD #251 – Carmenita Flores de Pom

Red cotton pom pom character with googly eyes and glitter flowers on her head poses in front of a lime green sparkle background

She's the star of the telepomvella, “La Reina Del Poms,” (“Queen of the Poms") which takes place in Mexico and chronicles Theresa Pomdoza’s (played by Carmenita) rise to power as the top spy in the country. She has to take her husband’s place after he is pomsassinated by the evil cartel, El Muerto, lead by her secret half–sister, La Grand Pomqueña. La Grand Pomqueña runs an underground cabaret that happens to be the hub of all of the secrets in Mexico. The headliner at the cabaret, Cynthia Lee Pomtain, is a top drag queen and spy who is Theresa’s biological father – although she doesn’t know it… yet. Theresa vows to get revenge against those who wronged her and have no doubt – she will!  Ay Dios Mio Carmenita!


Did you know that “poqueña” means “small” in Spanish?



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