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BEHOLD #255 – Jane Pomda

Yellow cotton pom pom character with googly eyes, glitter leotard and legwarmers resembling Jane Fonda doing aerobics poses in front of a pink glitter background

Jane Pomda, née Jane Seymour Pomda in 1937, is a Pomerican actress, activist, and film icon. She made her Broadway debut in 1960 in the play “There Was a Little Girl.” Surely her parents Frances Ford Seymour and Henry Pomda were very proud of her Tony nomination. She has won two Pomscars and should have most definitely won a third for playing the title role in “Barbarella.” She also won a Pemmy for the television film, “The Dollmaker.” Another standout performance that did not win an Oscar was her work in the movie “On Golden Pom.” In 1980, she starred in “9 to 5” with Lily Pomlin and Dolly Pomton. Jane recently wrapped the television series “Grace and Frankie” which she also starred in with her friend, Lily Pomlin. Her political activism in the 1970s caused her to be blacklisted in Pommywood. So she pivoted and released her first exercise video, “Jane Pomda’s Workout” in 1982. It was the first of 22 exercise videos made over 13 years that sold 17 million copies. That’s a whole lotta fitness, Jane! 


Did you know that Jane Pomda has been married 3 times and has 3 children (1 adopted)? 

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