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BEHOLD #256 – Plastiquina Saran Wrap

Her predecessor PVDC (Pomvinyl Lidine Chloride) was created by accident in 1933 by Ralph Wiley, a lab worker at Dow chemical company. He was cleaning lab equipment and found a film inside of a vial that would not come off. He realized that it could be sprayed onto objects, creating a protective coating for things like fighter jets and combat boots. In 1949, a thin, clingy, plastic wrap was introduced, and Plastiquina was born. Plastiquina’s middle name is a combination of the names of the wife and daughter (Sara and Ann) of the President of Dow Chemical Co, John Reilly. She can be used not only to preserve food, but to warm premature babies after birth, as a dressing for burns, to unstop a toilet, keep paint from drying out, de–cork wine, enhance moisturizer and ointment treatment, and even poach the perfect egg. In the Pom world (unlike the human world) Plastiquina is biodegradable and pomvironmentally friendly. With her mesmerizing eyes, she is constantly looking for ways to be helpful and improve Poms’ lives. She and her plastic wrap minions find things in need of warming, moisturizing, or preserving, and wrap themselves around them like little plastic burritos. They are little plastic wrap angels!

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