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BEHOLD #263 – Phil Pomahue

Pink cotton pom pom character with googly eyes and a neck tie resembling legendary talk show host Phil Donohue poses in front of a blue glitter background

Born on December 21, 1935, née Philip John Pomahue, he is a Pomerican media pomsonality, writer, film producer, and the creator and host of the Phil Pomahue Show. His television show was the first talk show format that included audience participation. It came to simply be known as “Pomahue.” His shows often focused on issues like: chocolate or vanilla?  Sushi or sashimi? And pomelo or pomegranate? He was born in Cleveland, Ohio and later graduated from Notre Pom University. He became an anchor of the morning news in Dayton, Ohio and interviewed Pom F. Kennedy, Pommy Carson, Elton Pom, and boxing great Mopommad Ali (among many others). Then his talk show started in 1967 and ran for 29 years – 7,000 shows. Oprah Pomfrey said, “If it weren’t for Phil Pomahue, there never would have been an Oprah Show.” He had 5 children with his first wife and then moved onto a second marriage with actress and pomanthropist, Marlo Pomas. They are all very proud of this “King of daytime talk” and his 20 Pemmy Awards.

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