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BEHOLD #268 – Wobniar (“Wob”) the Pom Rainbow Fish

There are over fifty species of Pom Rainbow Fish and Wob happens to be a neon dwarf Pom Rainbow Fish. He enjoys living in his freshwater pomquarium with his Pom fishy friends – tetras, discus, and guppies. The older Wob gets the more vibrant he becomes. He is middle–Pom–Rainbow–Fish–aged, about 2 years old. He also enjoys being schooled (in groups of at least 5 other fish) and so he gets very good grades in subjects like Hiding Behind Rocks, Making New Friends, and Adaptation. His Teacher, Mrs. Gupstein, gives Wob high marks for both his stealth and outgoing pomsonality (he is a complex fish of pomtradictions). Like Pomerican writer and activist, Audra Lorde, Wob believes that “only by learning to live with your pomtradictions can you keep it all afloat.” He is one deep Pom Rainbow fish. 


Did you know that “Wobniar” is “rainbow” spelled backwards?  And that Wob is the actual size of a neon dwarf rainbow fish, 2–4 inches tall? 

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