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BEHOLD #269 – Greenbert McDuffy

He is a Pom of Irish descent, born in Pomlarney. The color green symbolizes life, renewal, hope, wealth, forgiveness, and energy. Greenbert is all of these things and more, as evidenced by the mega eight–leaf green clover on his head. When he sticks out his little, magic green tongue it means he is very happy (and that he’s had a few Guinnesses). His little, magic tongue turns three leaf clovers into four leaf clovers when it licks them.  Greenbert wishes all of you a very Happy St. Pomtrick’s Day! 


Did you know that “The popular belief is that Mc is a distinctively Irish prefix while Mac is exclusively Scottish, and that one prefix is used by Catholic families while the other one is specifically Protestant are erroneous. In actuality, the same person often had their surname recorded using both Mac and Mc on separate occasions” – Hilary Ryan Rowe.



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