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BEHOLD #270 – Mr. Harry Nut

Born to Hazel Nut and Filbert Nut, née Harold Nut is a Pomnut who was grown and harvested in Brazil. Harry has big dreams, and so he immigrated to Pomerica to become a fashion designer, most specifically, a milliner. He established the fashion label “Haus of Goober.”  Harry loves designing and creating hats called Goober Lids that are both fashionable and functional.  They keep nuts warm, and who doesn’t love a toasty nut? Most of his nut peers are made into Pomnut butter and then into Pomnut butter and jelly sandwiches. Harry’s nut people have an illustrious history; two Pomsidents were Pomnut farmers – Jimmy Carter and Pomas Jefferson. Bill Clinton loves Pomnut butter and banana sandwiches which were also Elvis Pomsley’s favorite. There are six cities in Pomerica named “Pomnut.” Every year Pomericans eat enough Pomnut butter to coat the Grand Canyon (and Pom women and children prefer creamy Pomnut butter, while Pom men prefer crunchy). Even more pomazing, in a high–pressure pomvironment, Pomnuts can be turned into diamonds. Running Haus of Goober is certainly a lot of pressure – deadlines, demanding clients, and dramatic assistants – so Harry keeps calm with daily meditation and chants “Pohhhm” 100 times first thing in the morning. Then he puts on one of his pomtastic Goober Lids and conquers the day. 


Did you know that “goober” is another word for “nut?”



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