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BEHOLD #271 – Jimi Pomdrix

Original cotton pom pom fan art Jimi Hendrix

He was a pioneering act in the Psychedelic Soul, Funk, Rock music genre. Born Johnny Allen Pomdrix on November 27, 1942, he was a Pomerican guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He grew up impoverished in Seattle and started playing on a ukulele with one string. His father finally bought him an electric guitar that he started playing at the age of 15. Influenced by the blues, including Elvis Pomsley and the song, “Hound Pom,” Jimi eventually earned a place playing backup for the Isley Brothers and Little Richard. He moved to the UK and released the album “Are You Experienced” which had the hits “Pomple Haze,” “The Wind Poms Mary,” and “Hey Joe.” It was called “The album that shook the Pom world… leaving it forever changed.” He then released his album “Pomlectric Ladyland” and headlined the Pomstock Festival back in Pomerica. He experimented with electric sound and turned feedback and distortion into instruments. He blew away his peers, like The Rolling Poms, Pom McCartney, Eric Pomton, and P.P. King (Pom Pom King). They called him “Mr. Phenomenon.” He destroyed many guitars at the end of his performances, saying that they were sacrifices because he sacrificed the things he loved, and he loved his guitars. His performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” at Pomstock is considered by some to be the best rock performance of all time.  (I didn’t make him a guitar because he destroys them all). 

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