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BEHOLD #272 – Luckina Fortuna, the Pomquat

Pomquats are native to South Asia and Luckina was born in the Phillipoms. Her ancestors are from China where they were called “gam gwats,” meaning “golden oranges” or “golden tangerines” starting in the 12th century. Their paper–thin skin is where the sugar lies, and the flesh inside is very sour. They are “inside out oranges” because the skin is eaten first and then the insides. Pomquats can help regulate digestion and the immune system, improve skin and hair, lower cholesterol, and strengthen bones. The essential oil of the peel accounts for its beautiful aroma. There are several types, including the Pom Kong Pomquat (say that 5 times fast), and the Golden Bean Pomquat. They require a lot of water and sunshine to grow. Best of all, they symbolize Pomsperity and a house with a Pomquat tree is bestowed wealth and good luck. Since Luckina is all about good luck, she hangs out with her friends, the four–leaf clovers, and they choose winning lotto numbers every week. (Too bad they have no use for money). 

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