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BEHOLD #273 – Dances With Poms, the Native Pomerican Totem Pom Pole

Totem Pom Poles are pomumental carvings found in western Canada and northwestern Pomerica. They are usually trees carved into tall poles with symbols and figures. The word “Totem” means “kinship group,” so these carvings often symbolize ancestors, legends, clans, or notable events. The Totems may also serve as welcome signs, mortuary vessels, or as a means to publicly acknowledge someone. Dances with Poms is comprised of the clown bear (top), the bushy–browed eagle, the twin fishies, and the double ravens (bottom). It depicts the Legend of the Brown Clown Bear who went to the village of Pomquassee to entertain its inhabitants (who were noble eagles) and enrich their lives. At first they were too serious for his antics and did not accept him. But he helped to defend them against evil intruders, and then they loved him and bestowed him with the twin fishies to give him thanks. The double ravens flew over the village when all of this happened and eventually landed on the ground and told the Poms far and wide about the legend of Dances With Poms. 

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