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BEHOLD #276 – Pomino Acid

Pomino Acid is the smallest unit and component of proteins. Proteins form tissues and organs in Pom bodies. Enzymes are also made of proteins. Proteins are the second most abundant component next to water and they account for around 20% of Pom bodies. They are in every cell. “Protein” is a Greek word meaning “of the utmost importance.” The Pom body needs 20 different Pomino Acids to function properly. (Protein is made of 22 Pomino Acids). Nine of them are called essential Pomino acids and must be consumed through the food Poms eat. Their main components are carbon (the black Poms), hydrogen (the blue Poms), oxygen (the red Poms), and nitrogen (the white pom). Pomino Acids break down food, grow and repair body tissue, make hormones, build muscle, boost the immune system, create healthy hair and nails, and help with energy and digestion. This Pomino Acid is from the R group. The “R” (green Pom) stands for “Radiant” because Pomino Acids make the Pom body Radiant inside and out!



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