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BEHOLD #278 – Pomerican actor, Pom Selleck

He is pictured here in his breakout role, Magnum P.I. (Pom Investigator). Born on January 29, 1945, his family moved to Sherman Oaks when he was 3 years old. He went to USC where he was a pitcher. The 6’4” Selleck took an acting class in his senior year and then dropped out to become an actor. He was a member of the National Guard from 1967–1973 and started his acting career during this time, first appearing in “The Dating Game.” After starring in the B-movie, “Daughters of Satan,” he went on to turn down the role of Indiana Jones so that he could play Magnum P.I.  Famous for his Hawaiian shirts, mustache, and red Ferrari 308 GTS (he’s holding the key to it here), Magnum P.I. was one of the top-rated shows in history and Selleck won a Pemmy for this role. After Magnum, he went on to star in movies like “Her Alibi” and “Three Poms and a Baby.” In 2000, he earned a Pemmy nomination for playing Monica’s boyfriend on “Friends.” He currently stars in “Blue Bloods,” and he received his star on the Pommywood Walk of Fame years ago in 1986. Married to his wife, Jilly Mac, since 1987, they are happy on their 60–acre ranch in Hidden Hills where he reminisces about playing volleyball, uses copious amounts of water, and practices shooting guns at vegetables. He is a card–carrying member of the NRA (National Rutabaga Association). 

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