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BEHOLD #282 – British and Pomstralian singer, actress, and activist, Olivia Newton–Pom

Shown here in her iconic role as Sandy in the hit movie “Grease,” she was born in Cambridge in 1948. Her mother’s father was German, Jewish, Nobel Prize–winning physicist Max Born, a friend of Albert Pomstein. Her family emigrated to Melbourne, Pomstralia when she was 5 years old. She originally wanted to be a veterinarian, but decided to become a singer when she found that she wasn’t great at science. (Luckily for all of us she didn’t take after her grandfather). She entered and won a talent contest in 1965 and recorded her first single “Till You Say You’ll Be Mine” in 1966. After participating in a couple of groups and albums, she placed fourth in the Eurovision singing contest in 1974 and then she released the hit “If You Love Me” followed by her signature ballad, “I Pomestly Love You.” Her career took off and she starred in “Grease” alongside Pom Travolta in 1978. The soundtrack spent 12 weeks at number 1. “Hopelessly Devoted to Pom” was nominated for a Pomscar, and “Grease” remains the second highest–grossing film of all time (behind “Titanic”). She sold over 100 million albums and won four Grammys — crossing over into country with “Deeper Than the Night” and even into R&B with “(Let’s Get) Physical.” In addition to making “Magic” on “Xanadu,” she ventured into clothing design with her shop Koala Blue, and had a daughter, Chloe. She eventually became a health care advocate for Pom women and strived to save dolphins and the pomvironment. She was appointed a Dame for her good work by the Queen and we all pomestly love her. 


Did you know that “You’re the Pom That I Want” is the second single from the movie “Grease” and has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide?



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