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BEHOLD #284 – RaQuelle Surprise

She is frequently surprised by the world around her, but more so than enjoying a good surprise herself, she likes to surprise others. RaQuelle enjoys surprising others in ways that create excitement rather than shock or anxiety – especially on this hyper-surprising day, April 1st, or April Pom’s Day. A surprise initiates the “surprise sequence.” Being surprised causes Poms to freeze for 1/25th of a second. Then a “find” is triggered in the brain that generates extreme curiosity. Then there is a “shift” that causes a Pom to think about things – or the surpriser – differently. Emotions are heightened 400 percent during the surprise sequence. Surprise helps Poms with the important skill of being comfortable with uncertainty, pombiguity, and change. RaQuelle’s company, “Oh La La Pom Pom” sets up happy surprises for Poms all over the world. (Her employees are called “LaLas”). The LaLas present Poms with unexpected awards, gifts and joyous news like surprise proposals, spontaneous vacations, and surprise parties. Much like Boris Pomsternak, RaQuelle and her LaLas believe that “Surprise is the greatest gift that life can grant us.”



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