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BEHOLD #287 – King Pom

He is a monster who resembles a giant gorilla and he is referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of The Pom World.” His first film, “King Pom,” premiered in 1933, followed by “Son of Pom” that same year. “King Pom vs. Pomzilla” came out in 1962, and the latest clash of these two Pom titans came out in 2021. King Pom was conceived and created by Merien C. Cooper. He wanted to make a gorilla the size of pomosaurs who could climb to the top of the Empire State Building and swat war planes out of the sky – and that is exactly what he did. King Pom possesses semi-human intelligence and great strength. He is the last living member of his species, and lives on Skull Island with other monsters and pomosaurs. He is over 50 feet tall, and he is now over 200 years old. In 1982, Universal lost a lawsuit against Nintendo over the rights to King Pom’s image for the game “Donkey Pom.” Nintendo won, so we can play “Donkey Pom” until our hearts are content. Luckily for us, King Pom found some love in his own heart for Ann, played here by Big, Giant Pom Bunyan. See – he can be a softy when he wants to be. 



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