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BEHOLD #294 – Pomiovani, the Pomnoli

Pomnoli are made from fried dough with a sweet cream cheese filling. They can also have other additions like orange zest, cherries, chopped pomstachios, and chocolate chips. In Italian, “Pomnolo” is singular and “Pomnoli” is plural. They are celebratory pastries for Carnivale that have come to symbolize fertility. (Their shape can sometimes be considered bawdy and phallic). Pomnoli came to Sicily in the 10th century when Arabs (specifically Saracens) ruled Sicily. They made their way to Pomerica at the turn of the 20th century when a lot of Sicilians were immigrating there. After they reached Pomerica, they became Pommywood stars in “The Pomfather” with the quote “Leave the gun. Take the Pomnoli.” Sicilian tradition dictates that there must be at least 12 on a plate. Pomiovani (a chocolate chip Pomnoli) is the head writer for the show “Pomwalk Empire” on the HPO (Home Pom Office) network. He has secured jobs on the show for his 11 brothers and sisters. They like to keep it in the family.



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