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BEHOLD #296 – Kiki, the Pom Cardinal

Kiki and her cardinal peers like to eat seeds and nuts at dusk and at dawn. During courtship, males feed females seeds in a method known as “beak to beak.” This must really work with the ladies because cardinals mate for life. Average life span is 3 years, but the oldest cardinal lived to be almost 16 years old. A flock of cardinals is called a “college,” “conclave,” “deck,” “radiance,” or “Vatican.” They get their red color from eating carotenoids, but some rare cardinals are yellow. Since both male and female cardinals sing, Kiki duets with her mate, Elton, and they sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Pom” at the cardinal karaoke bar in the nest called Songz and Seeds up the street. They make beautiful music together! 



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