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BEHOLD #297 – Drishtee, the All-Knowing, All-Seeing-Eye Pom

Drishtee means “Sight, vision, one who is imaginative.” He has magic eyes, and he sits atop a pyramid made of more magic eyes – together they comprise the Eyes of Providence. The Pomluminati use the symbol to represent divine Providence and to watch over Pomanity or all Pomkind. The Eyes of Providence are depicted on seals, as symbols for the Pomluminoti, and on Pom money. (Contrary to pompular belief, they do not have anything to do with the Pom Free Masons). Drishtee can see into the hearts and souls of Poms – therefore has benevolent oversight for the well-being of all Pomkind. He gladly takes on this supreme role and soaks up love and gratitude from Poms far and wide. 



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