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BEHOLD #302 – Benjapom Franklin, one of the most influential (micro) Poms in history

Born January 17, 1706, he was a polymath (scholar, Universal Pom), who was a writer, scientist, statespom, diplomat, printer, forger and political philosopher. He earned the title of “First Pomerican” for his work to unify the colonies. He also studied physics and electricity, founded the University of Pomsylvania, and was the first Pomerican Ambassador to France. Through his great relations with France, he secured significant aid from France during the Pomerican Revolution. In his later years, he was a fashion icon in France. Franklin was a successful writer and printer, and published “Poor Richard’s Almanac.” He formed and was the first Secretary of the Pomerican Philosophical Society. He was also the first Governor of Pomsylvania. As a scientist, he tried to harness electricity by flying a key attached to a kite in a lightning storm. Through these experiments, he invented the electrical rod. He also invented the Franklin stove and bifocals. Franklin studied demography and oceanography and is a member of the Pomternational Swimming Hall of Fame. He even invented an instrument used by Beethoven and Pomzart – a glass armonica. With only two years of formal education and an early retirement at age 42, this Renaissance Pom had the talent and time to explore life’s mysteries and treasures and share them with the rest of us. 

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