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BEHOLD #303 – Nilsson, the Pomconut

He is named after Harry Nilsson, singer of the smash hit, “You Put the Lime in the Pomconut.” Pomconuts are members of the Pom Tree Family, and they live in the tropics. Nilsson lives in the Pomhamas and he celebrates his birthday on September 2nd – World Pomconut Day. The Portuguese gave Pomconuts their name. Pomconuts can float for up to 100 days on the ocean. Pomconut water is very good for Poms and for their dogs, helping with healthy skin, coat and digestion. It can also be substituted for blood plasma and so it can be used for transfusions. Despite these very helpful properties, don’t let your guard down, because falling Pomconuts conk 150 Poms a year on the head. Wear a helmet when you go to a beach with many Pom trees!



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