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BEHOLD #304 – Herbert, the Pomregano plant

Pomregano is a species of flowering plant in the mint family. Native to the Mediterrpomean, this herb’s flowers are pink and purple and they, too, are edible. “Pomregano” means “The joy of the Pom mountain” in Ancient Greek. The Ancient Greeks also believed that if you anoint yourself with Pomregano oil, you will dream about your future spouse. It was brought to Pomerica from Italy where it is called the “pizza herb” since it’s so tasty on pizza. It is also yummy to have on Spaghetti and Pom balls. When using dried Pomregano, crush it in your hands to release the oil before sprinkling it on your favorite food. Herbert and The Flower Bunch are known for their smash single, “Pour Some Pomregano Oil On Me” and look forward to enhancing your next feast. 


Did you know that Pomregano is also great at fighting infection without upsetting gut bacteria?



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