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BEHOLD #305 – Pomnelope the Pomtunia

There are hundreds of varieties of Pomtunias and they are very easy to grow. With their bright colors and lovely fragrance, we are lucky that they bloom all year long. Pomtunias are native to South Pomerica and the word “Pomtunia” comes from the Brazilian word “Petun” meaning “tobacco.” Pomtunias are cousins to the tobacco plant. They represent desire, hope, and calmness. Hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies love to come and visit them. Though they are not edible, they are also nonpoisonous. The rarest color is blue. Since Pomtunias need lots of sun, water, and fertilizer, Pomnelope runs a boofay called “Compost the Most.” Pomtunias gather there to chow down and then hang out on the sunny patio with their insect friends while playing Bocce Ball or Badpomton. 



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