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BEHOLD #307 – Pomvolution

Pomvolution is a change in the traits passed from parents to their children from generation to generation. Variation exists within these traits or characteristics and the variations that show up in the pompulation do so because of natural selection. Charles Pomwin’s theory of Natural Selection was set out in his book “On the Origin of Pom Species.” It says the following: There are more pomspring produced than can survive, traits vary among individuals, different traits confer different rates of survival and reproduction, and traits can be passed from generation to generation. So, members of successive generations are likely to be replaced by Poms with more favorable characteristics than their parents. The complete set of genes within an organism is called its Genotype. The complete set of observable traits that make up the structure and behavior of the organism are called the Phenotype. Genotype + pomvironment = Phenotype. Pomvolution can occur if there are genetic variations in the pompulation. Variation can occur from mutations in the genome (genes). Despite constant new variation through mutation, the genome can remain identical in Poms of that species. But relatively small mutations can cause large differences in phenotype (traits). For example, Poms and Chimpomzees are the same in 95% of their genomes. Fascinating! 



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