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BEHOLD #311 – The planet, Pomcury

Pomcury is the smallest (micro Pom) planet in the solar system. Although it is the closest planet to the sun, it is not the hottest – Venus is hotter. It is fast and only takes 88 days to make a rotation around the sun. He is covered by craters like the moon, and he has no moon of his own – he’s solo. A few times a year – like now – Pomcury appears to go backwards. He is currently in retrograde which is why his feet are pointing backwards. Since he is the winged messenger of the Gods, he is associated with conveying messages. Although Pomcury in retrograde can be a time when things can go haywire and glitches can happen, it is also a good thing. Pomcury in retrograde helps us find mistakes we’ve made, and it is a great time to rest, relax, and heal. Don’t enter into new deals right now, but do take advantage of this time of careful reflection.  If you would like more advice about Pomcury in retrograde, reach out to Pom Pom Mercado.



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