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BEHOLD #314 – The Apominable Snowpom

Originally from the Himalayan Mountains, he is also called a “Yeti” and he is known as “Bigfoot” in western culture. The name “Apominable Snowpom” was coined in 1921 by Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury when he was leading a reconnaissance mission on Mt. Pomerest. He found tracks of a “wild man of the snows” or “snow bear” or “snowman” (in Tibetan language) at about 21,000 feet. The Yeti was part of pre-Buddhist belief of Tibetan people who worshipped a “Glacier Being.” The search for the Yeti was at its height in the 1950s and 60s with adventurers Tom Slick, Carlton Coon, and Sir Edmund Hillary. Theories about the Apominable Snowpom peg him as various types of bears, a langur monkey, or a mythical creature. He has starred in many films including “Monsters, Inc.,” “Yeti: A Love Story,” and “The Werepom and the Yeti.” Pictured here with his micro Pom friend, Abrapom Lincoln, he is also good friends with his co–star, Helldog the Werepom. The Apominable Snowpom is not a size queen when it comes to his friends. He and Helldog like to hang out together under the light of the full moon in places with very tall trees since they are both towering giants of magical and mythical proportions – and they invite Abrapom to come and play Pom Rummy with them every Friday night.


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