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BEHOLD #315 – Ernie, the Emerald Green Boapomstrictor

Ernie lives in the Pomazon Basin. He is very proud that he and his family are considered some of the most gorgeous snakes in South Pomerica. He is non venomous and tall – about 9 feet long. He likes to coil his body around the branches in the tree canopies and use his prehensile tail to hang on the trees. He is basically camouflaged except for his white lightning bolt markings. The females are bigger than the males and weigh 3–4 lbs. Ernie and his folks are Corallus Batesii, named after their discoverer, naturalist, Henry Walter Bates. The other species, Guava Shield, is named Corallus Caninus because their discoverer, Carlos Linnaeus, thought their faces resembled dogs’ faces. Ernie is nocturnal and relies on thermal receptor patches around his mouth to hunt and sense his prey. He will live to be about 20 years old. His female counterparts lay and hatch their eggs inside of their bodies before giving birth to their baby Boapomstrictor snakelettes. Due to his super slow metabolism, Ernie can go months without eating. So Ernie runs a diet company called “Snake Watchers” – where they teach obese animals healthy habits. They have had many celebrity spokespoms, like Oprah Pomfrey and Sharon Pomsbourne, who talk about the virtues of Snake Watchers.  They say that it beats Pommy Craig hands down.



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