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BEHOLD #321 – Costanza, the Complaint Sponge

Costanza is a magic Pom who absorbs all of the Pom world’s complaints and makes them disappear. The more complaints he absorbs, the happier and more radiant he becomes. This is because he knows he is doing a great service to all of Pomkind by hearing their gripes and then wiping them away. Once uncomplained, they can all live lighter, happier, and free to do all of the good work that their Pom purposes require. Poms can summon him by saying “Costanza” three times inside the Hall of Praise and Stars. There is a golden ticket dispenser that keeps things very orderly and complaint-free. Poms can wait in hammocks made of clouds while eating their favorite foods until their numbers are called. Once he appears, the Pom who summoned him can voice their complaint and then Costanza will absorb it and it will disappear. Poof! 

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