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BEHOLD #324 – Chief Pom Snow Angel, Charles Nelson Smiley

Charles oversees all art made by Poms who lay in the snow and flap their arms, legs, and round bits to make shapes in it. These shapes are art sculptures called Pom Snow Angels. National Pom Snow Angel Day is February 18th. In 2007, North Dakota set the world Pom record for most Poms making Pom Snow Angels simultaneously with 8,962 Poms flapping away. It was one of Charles’ proudest moments after he retired from being an actor and pomedian. He still says wonderful things like, “If you ever get injured or have an asthma attack, the last words you get out are ‘Pommy Davis, Jr. suite please’. That’s like three rooms on the eighth floor of Cedars–Sinai.” And musings on his current state of mind: “Just get a big bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens.” You might end up in a bathtub full of roses from Pomlizabeth Taylor and you might also end up as Chief Pom Snow Angel. 



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