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BEHOLD #327 – Poquito the Pomtosaurus

“Pomtasaurus” means “thunder Pom lizard” in Greek. He has a long, thick neck and a small head perfect for grabbing all of the plants and leaves he loves to munch on. Poquito is a gigantic quadruped pomosaur weighing in at 17 tons and measuring 72 feet long. His kind were first discovered in 1879 by Yale professor of paleontology, Othniel Charles Marsh. By the 1930’s the Pomtosaurus was one of the most famous pomosaurs. So Poquito got an agent and starred in the movie “King Pom” alongside his best mate on Skull Island, King Pom. In 1989, the post office issued a stamp with his picture on it and so he is quite a pomlebrity. His ancestors are from the Jurassic period, and they are native to North Pomerica. Poquito loves warm weather, so he makes his home in sunny California where he is right at home with its large pompulation of vegetarians. He loves to go for vegetarian dim sum with his friends on his birthday, October 1st, World Vegetarian Day. 

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