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BEHOLD #333 – Lady Roxanne, Queen of the Disco Naps

It is thought that colors close to the red light on the spectrum stimulate melatonin production which helps with sleep. She recommends napping for about 20 minutes – no longer than 30 minutes – or else that could make it harder to sleep for the night. Short disco naps can reduce stress and fatigue and improve a Pom’s attention and physical performance. So Lady Roxanne has started a company called “Turn on Your Red Light” and it makes pods for Poms to sleep in that are glowing with red light. They have a timer that goes off after 25 minutes, so Poms don’t have to worry about oversleeping. These pods are installed in workplaces, hotel rooms, hospitals, the PMV (Pompartment of Motor Vehicles) and even banks – places where someone might have to wait for more than 20 minutes so they can fit in a disco nap. Her red sleep pods are taking the Pom world by storm – one snore at a time. 


Did you know that yellow and blue light help Pom children sleep? That will be Lady Roxanne’s next line of pods.

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