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BEHOLD #337 – Buttercup the Pom Moo Cow

Cows are ladies and bulls are gentlemen. Pom Moo Cows are highly social animals and believe it or not, they are also very good swimmers. Although they spend up to 12 hours a day laying down, Pom Moo Cows only sleep 4 hours a day. They are sacred in Pom Hindu culture. They are colorblind and don’t see red, and Moo Cows have one stomach with 4 compartments. Buttercup enjoys chowing down on fresh grass at her Kansas pasture after practicing with her synchronized swimming team, The Water Lilies. They are getting ready for a Pomternational competition in India where they will also be worshipped and paraded through the streets in celebration whether they win or not. Buttercup knows they will have a moovelous trip, and is sure the Water Lilies will come back to Pomerica victorious. 



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