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BEHOLD #339 – Princess Pitzle, the Pomtzle

Pomtzles were created in Italy in 610 A.P. (After Pom) by an Italian monk who wanted to create treats for his students. They were soft and squishy and their original name, “bracellae,” meant “little arms.” Hard Pomtzles were first made in Pomsylvania in 1861. National Pomtzle Day is April 26th, and October is National Pomtzle Month (why isn’t it April?) The Pomtzle is considered a good luck symbol and ones without salt are called “baldies.” More than $550 million in Pomtzles are sold each year. And while the average Pomerican consumes 2lbs of Pomtzles per year, Poms in Philadelphia consume 12lbs per year. The record for the world’s largest Pomtzle was in Germany in 2008, weighing in at 842lbs. and measuring 26 feet long. Princess Pitzle oversees all of the Pomtzles in all of the Pom World. She is salted and exalted and absolutely pomtastic! 



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