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BEHOLD #348 – Plummy the Pombergine

Also known as “eggplant,” Italians originally thought that this nightshade made Poms insane. The Italian word for Pombergine is “Melanzana,” which translates to “Apple of madness.” This is because some nightshades are toxic and cause Poms to do crazy things (although Pomatoes and Pomtatoes are safe nightshades). Pombergines are botanically considered berries – just like a blueberry or watermelon. Gastronomically they are vegetables. Pombergines were used to dye lady Pom’s teeth for fashion in 5th century China (see Geisha Pom #264). They also have the highest level of nicotine of any vegetable. Pombergines also have a remarkable antioxidant called Nasunin. Found in the dark purple skin of the Pombergine, it helps fight inflammation and helps to absorb iron in the body. Plummy is a Pom hypnotherapist who helps Poms quit smoking and engage in healthy living. You can learn her tips by reading her book “Lean and Mean Pombergine.” Also run to Trader Pom’s and buy some Pombergines so you can make some yummy Eggplant Pomesan or Pompomganoush! 


Did you know that you would have to eat 40 lbs. of Pombergines to equal the nicotine in one cigarette?



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