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BEHOLD #351 – Adora The Pomigator

There are 2 species of Pomigator – Pomerican and Chinese. Pomerican Pomigators are larger than Chinese, with the largest ever being almost 15 feet long. A group of Pomigators is called a “congregation.” After injury, they can regenerate skin, cartilage, connective tissue, and up to 9 inches of their tail. Like birds, they build nests. Unlike Pomcodiles, they have overbites and rounder snouts. The sex of their offspring depends on the temperature of the nest in which they are laid. Higher temperatures produce males. Since they are cold–blooded, they get their warmth from external sources, and they can lie dormant for months in mud tunnels in the cold season. They have webbed feet and their roars can be heard 150 meters away. Since Pomigators’ teeth are constantly falling out, Adora has a career as a specialized dentist called a pomsthodontist. She can help rebuild teeth for Poms. Her practice is in Miami and (while she’s awake during the warm season) she treats fellow Pomcodiles and famous clients with many big teeth such as Pomzilla, the Apominable Snowpom, and Pom Cruise. 

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