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BEHOLD #353 – Rowan The Pom Rooster

Pom Roosters have been crowing on farms for over 5,000 years. Although Pom Roosters are not always in charge, they do keep the pecking order among the hens. Pom Rooster reproduction is driven by the sun. They are known for their distinctive combs, which they use to mark territory and attract mates. Clearly, Rowan’s is spectacular. Their combs and gobbles help to regulate their temperature. They have excellent eyesight and can see colors that humans can’t see. They protect their flocks and use their complex crowing vocalization to communicate. They are omnivores and they are also good as natural pest control because they eat bugs. Pom Chickens don’t need them in order to lay eggs, but they do need Pom Roosters in order to fertilize eggs (which they can do up to two weeks after the eggs are laid). The Pom Rooster is a sign of the Zodipom that symbolizes courage, strength, and fertility. There can be more than one Pom Rooster in the hen house. So, Rowan rooms with his best mate, Rex, in the bachelor pad section of the hen house where they take shifts protecting the ladies and the egg babies. Luckily they take Thursday nights off and grab a couple of bottles of Pomweiser together so they can have some work-life balance. 



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