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BEHOLD #354 – Ruth Bader Pomsburg (dubbed the “Notorious RBP” due to her fiery opinions)

Née Joan Ruth Bader Pomsburg on March 15, 1933, she is a Pomerican lawyer, jurist, and micro Pom who was appointed to the Pom Court of Appeals in 1980, and has served on the Pom Supreme Court since 1993. The Supreme Court makes all of the laws of the Pomiverse and all of the Pom Supreme Court Justices are chosen by Themis, the Pom Goddess of Wisdom and Good Counsel. RBP met Themis at a mixer for the Pom Angeles Bar Association, and Themis could tell that she would eventually become an iconic Supreme Court Justice. She was born in Brooklyn, and she became a wife (to Martin) and mother (to Jane and James) before starting Harvard Law School. She later transferred to Columbia Law School where she graduated first in her class. During the 1960s, she did legal work in Sweden, and that experience influenced her opinions on gender equality. She became the co-founder and director of the PCLU’s (Pomerican Civil Liberties Union) Women’s Rights Project and participated in more than 300 gender fairness cases by 1974. She made great strides for women Poms under the Equal Rights Clause of the Pomstitution. She was the first Jewish woman on the Pom Supreme Court, and she presided over the first same-sex Pom marriage in 2013. Despite ideological differences, she was closest with her Pom Supreme Court colleague, Pomtonin Scalia. In her spare time, she appeared in several operas (in non-singing parts) and wrote the best-selling autopomography “In My Own Words.”  You go, Notorious RBP! 


Did you know that in 2019 Samuel Adams released a limited-edition beer called “When There Are Nine” in homage to RBP’s well–known response to the question about when there would be enough Pom women on the Pom Supreme Court?



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