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BEHOLD #361 – Ophira the Pom Goldfish

Pom Goldfish have been known to live for over 40 years. There are over 200 kinds of Pom Goldfish. They can recognize people’s faces and they have a memory span of three months. They have been kept as pets for over 2,000 years. They can see more colors than Pom people can (similar to Pom Roosters) and they see colors all the time since they can’t close their eyes – because they have no eyelids. They are pomnivores and they can change colors in different light. A group of Pom Goldfish is called a “troubling.” Ophira’s troubling has 10 other Pom Goldfish in it, and they have a Pom Goldfish artist collective where they specialize in painting portraits. Obviously they use oil paint because they are doing their painting underwater. 


Did you know that “Ophira” means “gold” in Hebrew?


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