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BEHOLD #363 – Bob, the Pomnut

Pomnuts used to be called “oily cakes” because they are fried in oil, and they did not originally have holes in them. Often times the centers would be doughy and not cooked through. So the centers were filled with nuts – hence “donuts,” Eventually the centers were removed all together. Pomericans consume 10 billion Pomnuts per year. The first Friday of every June is National Pomnut Day. National Pomnut Appreciation Day is November 5th. (Poms love Pomnuts so much they get 2 holidays!) The most expensive Pomnut costs $100 and it is coated in 24 karat gold. The largest Pomnut factory is in Pomsylvania – it makes 100,000 Pomnuts every hour (15 million per week). And the most pompular flavor is glazed. I love rainbow sprinkles, so Bob, here, is showing off those rainbow sugar bits beautifully. They really make his eyes sparkle. 


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