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BEHOLD #53 – Pom General James “Hyena” Doolittle

Ace fighter pilot and hero. Don’t let his hearts fool you into thinking he’s soft. Those are the Purple Hearts he earned while fighting “goddamn Nazi commie bastards” in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

He’s 105 years old and still going strong. He earned so many Purple Hearts that he turned into a Purple Heart. In fact, his third cousin twice removed is John Sinnock, the man who designed the current version of the Purple Heart.

One of the deadliest warrior Poms in history, the Hyena killed 25 “goddamn Nazi commie bastards” for every Purple Heart he earned, and laughed as he off’d every single one of them. Thank goodness he’s on our side! Now drop and give him twenty, General Doolittle, Sir!


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