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BEHOLD #63 – Plumington P. Pomington

He is a jet-setting playbird. Plumington’s father, Pembrook, is the CEO of Bird Patrol, a multi-billion dollar Cyber-Foul Security company. He would like Plumington to take over the business and spread his wings, but Plumington is busy jetting off to his chalet in Switzerland, Penthouse in Miami, and Mansion in Beverly Hills, where he comes regularly to get some cosmetic work - I mean “refreshing” done.

He’s had his beak and feet custom-dyed purple to match his favorite Porsche, and he sometimes visits Gene Peckford when he’s in town. They grab brunch at the Rooftop Lounge at the Peckninsula. I wonder how much longer he will be able to get away with his playbird ways before daddy cuts off his allowance???


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