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BEHOLD #72 – PenQueen The Empress Penguin

PenQueen waddles around in her tuxedo a la Liza Pomelli in the film, "Pomtor Pomtoria." She is very confident in her penguinality and takes a new penguin lover each season. Since she is an Empress, she can afford to support her numerous chick offspring without needing federal assistance. However, she will accept nesting help from her Emperor penguin lover (of the moment).

She has a staff of au pairs for her chicks since PenQueen spends half of her life on land - attending dinner parties where she feasts on krill and squid with her eccentric society friends like Gloria Pomderbilt and Princess Penguinie - and the other half of her life on the sea, mostly on her yacht called “Waddle Me This.” Although PenQueen might be out of touch with the masses, she is totally in touch with her self-pomfidence and glamour.


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