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BEHOLD #77 – Glowbert, The World’s First Solar-Powered Pom

Glowbert is energy efficient, reduces greenhouse emissions, saves money on electricity costs, and offers substantial tax breaks. Do you realize how much money and energy Glowbert can save on all of your Pom needs during a heatwave like the one we’re having now? Science would measure this in gazillions of kilowatt-hours of energy saved. Plus when you put Glowbert on top of your roof, depending on the size and angle of your roof, your local energy rates, and how many direct hours of sunlight your house receives, he can raise the value of your home by up to $15,000. If you leave him inside by a window that gets direct sunlight, he will raise the value of your house by at least $7,542 due to his cuteness alone. Does it get any better than this? Sign me up now!


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