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BEHOLD #78 – Zunique The Zebra Stallion

He eats grass and other vegetation at the Sizzler’s all-you-can-eat salad bar in the savannah in Eastern Africa. He has a harem of ladies – mares- and so he receives inspiration on how to manage his polygamous relationships by watching "Sister Wives."

The pattern of his stripes is unique to him – as is the case for all zebras. In this sense their stripes are like fingerprints. Zunique is promiscuous and has many foals from several baby-mama mares. He inspires unity by being both black and white. Since he is a free spirit (never domesticated) he also inspires art, fashion, and architecture, with his vibrant zebra ways and style.

Did you know that white zebra stripes can be 18 degrees cooler than black zebra stripes?


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