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BEHOLD #80 – Remi The Raindrop

He is a drop of mystery, very elusive in Southern California, until today! Remi was formed when water vapor in the atmosphere condensed into his cloud. He started out as a hydrometer that grew and grew into a droplet, and then into the full-fledged drop that fell out of his cloud in the sky. Now he is the raindrop that you see right before your very eyes!

His shape is actually a sphere, but it changes into a teardrop due to gravitational forces on his way down to the surface. He is a mischievous raindrop, delighted to plop onto your freshly-washed car, your newly-coiffed hairdo, your just-washed window, or even plop right into your eyeball. He is the most fun raindrop ever and his motto is “Life is an adventure, so plop into it!”


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