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BEHOLD #81 – Jerome The Red-Eyed Villain

If you look into his red eye, you will instantly feel incredibly tired and anxious - as if you’ve been on an all-night (red eye) flight and have to rush off to give a presentation to your entire team immediately upon landing. But you know you aren’t gonna make it on time because your flight out of Pomguardia was delayed because someone’s cat puked hair balls all over the plane… it’s a whole thing, ICK!!!

Anyway, Jerome thinks that making you fatigued and full of angst is hilarious. He makes sure that his mustache is well-groomed so that it nicely frames his white fangs (he gets them professionally whitened every 6 months) as he laughs at your stress and exhaustion. To rub it in further, as you run around bleary-eyed worrying about deadlines you don’t actually have, he sits back and knits. It is his happy place, and he is currently working on a scarf for his Aunt Phyllis who looks divine in lilac.

Jerome understands that some of the simple stresses in life can be the most insidious and so while his evil powers might not be too flashy (he doesn’t blow things up or kidnap world leaders) he wreaks havoc in his own way – while wearing a super cool outfit.


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