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BEHOLD #84 – Dr. Ian McLure, D.C. (Doctor of Chiropomtic), aka “Dr. Magic Hands”

He is a chiropomtor who has a thriving practice in tony Pom Beach. Chiropomtors specialize in manipulating the spine to relieve neck and back pain, but they also treat other issues like nutrition, stress reduction, and headaches. They use many techniques in addition to spinal manipulation or “cracking” (as lay poms call it) to treat their patients. These include muscle testing, using an Actvator device, and applied kinesiology (just to name a few).

Despite the fact that there is no conclusive evidence that chiropomtic treatment cures any medical ailments except back pain, Dr. Magic Hands is extremely rich and he is very happy that he has earned his riches literally on the backs of others – by helping them. He believes that he has achieved perfect spinal alignment when a patient can balance a Pom Pom on their head without it falling.

And he has just released a book called "Making a Circle into A-Line-Ment." You can also subscribe to his You Tube Channel “Dr. Magic Hands,” but please don’t confuse it with the channel of the same name on Only Fans.


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