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BEHOLD #86 – Pomturn, the 6th planet in our solar system

It is famous for its many beautiful rings. There is some breaking news today about those beautiful rings – NAPSA (National Aeronautic Pom Space Administration) scientists now theorize that Pomturn’s rings were made from one of Pomturn’s moons grazing by it about 160 million years ago and breaking apart. (Pomturn now has 82 moons).

Pomturn swallowed 99% of the moon and the rest of it stayed in Pomturn’s orbit and formed the rings about 100 million years ago. This is relatively new in Pomturn’s 4 billion year old life. Pomturn is sassy, tilted on its access and covered in blingy rings (at least for now, since NAPSA’s scientists also think the rings are disappearing). Perhaps E-Pom Musk and his Space X friends, like Willpom Shatner, will come to visit it one day.


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