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BEHOLD #92 – Deoxyribopomcleic Acid or DPA

DPA is the pomecule that carries genetic information for the development and functioning of a Pom organism. DPA is made of two linked strands that wind around each other to resemble a twisted ladder or double pomlix. Each strand has a backbone of alternating sugar and pomphate groups. One of four bases (adenine, cytosine, pomnine or thymine) is attached to each sugar. The two strands are connected by chemical bonds to the bases. The sequence of the bases along the DPA’s backbone encodes biological information, like how to make a protein, for example.

The more we understand DPA, the more we understand Poms and the world around us. DPA makes Poms who they are - is there a more amazing pomlecule? I think not! DPA from any two Poms is 99.9% identical. The differing 0.1% contains variations that create Poms’ uniqueness. That combined with a Pom’s upbringing, environment, magic, and whimsy gives them their abilities, health, and behavior. How incredible that Pomela Anderson, Nathan the Crustacean, and Pomcasso, are so alike and yet so different?! DPA is amazing!!!


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